Woman wearing an apron petting her dog in the kitchen.

Whiskers and Waggers,

We are so excited you are here, our tails are wagging away! You’re in luck because these treats are delicious and make any ruff day that much better. We’ve tried a lot of treats in our day and these are “jump-on-mom-for-more” kind of good. And the best part? They’re baked fresh at home with healthy ingredients and lots of love – what could be better? Happy ba(r)king!

Bone Appétit,
Fred & Emmy

Fred and Emmy Dog Icons

We are Whisk & Wag.

We are dogs and dog lovers.
We are family owned, Cincy made and born from a 135-year-old company.
We believe in the power of nutrition and the benefits of natural ingredients.
We pride ourselves on celebrating the love that exists in families and in kitchens.
We bring you ready-made solutions that make homemade love a joy and not a task. 
We whisk for the pups who love to wag.



The Mix

What is Whisk & Wag?

Whisk & Wag is changing how we reward and celebrate our pets with a simple way to bake fresh, nutritious treats at home. The nutrient-dense dry blend treat mixes introduce a new kind of treat experience that bonds people with pets. The just-add-oil-and-water baking process is simple and fun for all ages, resulting in a batch of fresh, healthy, wag-worthy treats.

Does the dry mix expire?

Whisk & Wag has a shelf life of one year. The best by date is located on the bottom of the jar.

The Company

Who is The F.L. Emmert Company?

Whisk & Wag is a brand of the fifth-generation family-owned F.L. Emmert Company. Emmert is known industry-wide for their proprietary animal nutrition ingredients and prides itself on being WBENC certified with the highest level of quality certifications (SQF Level II). Whisk & Wag brings Emmert's trusted ingredients into your kitchen with the freshest bake-at-home treat mix that'll keep your pup wagging for more. Learn more about The F.L. Emmert Company at www.emmert.com.


What are the benefits of feeding Whisk & Wag treats?

Whisk & Wag recipes are fortified with Emmert's proprietary brewers dried yeast, packed with nutrients to support gut, immune and bone health. Feeding Whisk & Wag treats regularly can encourage healthier coat, skin and nails, less shedding and scratching, clearer eyes, healthy digestion, and overall wellness and vitality. 

Do you offer any hypo-allergenic or non-GMO mixes?

All Whisk & Wag recipes are corn and wheat free. Some mixes including Apple & Cinnamon and Honey & Oat are also soy free and non-GMO. 

While we believe GMO ingredients are safe for both human and pet consumption, we recognize not everyone agrees. As we continue to expand our line of mixes, we’ll use a variety of natural ingredients to offer the variety you and your pets desire.

Mixes are produced on equipment that processes soy and dairy. If you pet has any medical conditions, please consult your veterinarian before feeding Whisk & Wag treats.

The Baking Process

    What type of oil should I use?

    All Whisk & Wag & recipes are developed with both vegetable and canola oil. We recommend using one of these two oils, but other pet-safe substitutions such as coconut oil can be made at your own discretion.

    My dough is dry and crumbly. What should I do to fix this?

    Whisk & Wag dough should resemble cookie dough – a few crumbs are normal. Sometimes factors like humidity levels and altitude can affect the dough consistency. Once the dry mix, water and oil are combined, use your hands to knead and pack the dough to create a cohesive dough ball. If the dough still crumbles, add 1 tablespoon of water at a time until the dough binds together and is moldable.

    Can I split one jar of Whisk & Wag in to more than one batch?

    Whisk & Wag is intended to make one batch of approximately 25 treats, using the entire jar of mix. With accurate measurement, the mix can be split into separate batches at your discretion

    How big should each treat be, and how many should I feed my dog?

    Measured by a rounded teaspoon (as suggested in baking instructions), the finished treats should measure approximately 1 1/2” in diameter, and 1/4” thick. This yields about 25 treats per jar of Whisk & Wag. 

    For whiskers and waggers up for a fun challenge - Whisk & Wag dough can be rolled out with a rolling pin and cut out in to shapes. Treat size will vary based on the treat-cutter used. Cut-out treats are perfect for birthdays and howlidays! 

    Whisk & Wag does not replace your dog's regular food and should be fed as a treat. Treating suggestion based on your dog's weight are listed on the jar. These suggestions are based on approximate treat size according to the baking instructions.

    Storage and Freshness

    How should I store the baked treats?

    After cooling completely – we recommend 20 minutes – the finished treats should be kept in a sealed container in a cool, dry place.

    How long is shelf life after the treats are baked?

    At room temperature, Whisk & Wag treats are best used within one week. Refrigerate or freeze to extend shelf life.