Cheddar & Herb Treat Mix

  • Cheddar & Herb Treat Mix

Cheddar & Herb Treat Mix


Herbalicous, Cheddar-iffic! Whisk & Wag Cheddar & Herb treat mix has exceptional flavor and an impressive range of health benefits for your best furry friend! Just add oil and water to bake a fresh batch of wholesome, tasty treats. With no wheat, corn, or preservatives, this all-natural bake-at-home mix is made in Cincinnati, Ohio with top quality ingredients and lots of homemade love. 

Benefits of feeding Cheddar & Herb treats regularly:

  • Helps freshen breath
  • Supports gut, immune and bone health
  • Promotes overall wellness and vitality

Ingredients: Oat flour, brewers liquid yeast, soybean meal, dried cheddar cheese, baking soda, salt, dried oregano, dried parsley