It Began with a Question: What If?

It’s not every day real innovation breaks through.

It starts with a spark – a teeny, tiny light – that only becomes a full-fledged fire after months and months of fanning the flame.

Whisk & Wag first sparked in my Cincinnati kitchen in October of 2015. I tossed a treat to our 13-year-old shih poo and our toddler crawled to beat him to it. Before I could say “Stop!” the treat was in Drew’s mouth and he puckered to spit it out.

“Go ahead,” I said. “Taste it! It’s safe.”

Our 135-year-old family company made the treat so I knew it was safe – I saw the manufacturing process from start to finish. But in that moment, I realized most parents don’t have the same peace of mind feeding their pets.

So I wondered: What if everyone could see the process the way I do? What if pet parents could treat their animals with “homemade” the same the way they treat their kids?

And there it was: The spark for at-home pet treat manufacturing.

At Whisk & Wag, we source the best ingredients and let you bake them into something special. Our original recipes prioritize nutrition and quality so you can feel good about the treat you toss onto the floor.

And our just-add-water-and-oil baking experience is simple, fun, and smells great, so Whisk & Wag is as nurturing for your home and relationships as it is your pet’s health.

Homemade love – it’s our motto and our mission. We hope you’ll meet us here again and again as we continue to ask “What if?” and patiently watch for the next tiny spark to break through.

Elizabeth Barber

Whisk & Wag Creator and Brand Manager



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