5 Things Your Pup's Party Needs to Celebrate
Whether it’s a birthday, a gotcha day, or maybe just a random Saturday, there’s always a reason to celebrate our pups. There are tons of ways to throw a DIY party, but there are a few elements we think are essential for any pooch palooza. Here are five essentials to include in your pup’s next party.
1. Furry Friends: A party isn’t a party without guests! Make sure to invite your dog’s best pals to their celebration. Pick a few puppy friends that your dog gets along with really well and send an invite their way. Double-check with their humans to make sure they’re well-behaved in groups before extending an invitation. Your pup will enjoy spending time playing with his friends, and will feel so loved.
2. Fresh Treats: Every party needs a spread of delicious eats, right? That’s where we come in! Your pup and his pals will go nuts over a freshly baked batch of treats made with Whisk & Wag’s treat mix. Baking yummy treats with our mix is so easy—all you have to do is add oil and water, mix and shape the dough, and stick it on a pan before placing in the oven. Plus, each jar of mix makes over two dozen individual treats. That means you can spend less time worrying about the treats and more time focusing on the rest of the party. Another bonus is that all of our mixes are free of corn, wheat, and preservatives, so you can feel great about serving these goodies to your pup and friends.
If you want to get fancy and make the treats really special, use the heart-shaped cookie cutter that comes with our treat mixes or other fun tools like these Puppy Paws & Bones Silicone Baking Molds from Chewy.
3. Fun Activities: After you’ve taken care of the guest list and the snacks, it’s time to figure out what your pet and friends are going to do during the party. There are lots of group activities that most dogs will absolutely adore. If it’s warm enough outside, you can set up a kiddie pool, toss a few floating toys in, and let the pups splash around. Just make sure to keep a watchful eye on the fun and games.
Making crafts is another great activity option. We’ll admit it: The dogs might not like this activity as much as the humans, but everyone deserves to have fun at the party! Pour a bit of washable, non-toxic paint onto a paper plate and have each human dip their dog’s paw in the paint. Then, have the human place their dog’s paw on a canvas or sheet of paper. After washing off their pup’s paw, they’ll have a meaningful piece of artwork to remember the occasion.
If you’re looking for something a little simpler, just toss a few tennis balls in your backyard and let the dogs have a true field day. We promise they’ll have a blast.
4. Fabulous Tunes: Friends? Check. Food? Check. Activities? Check. Now, you need a killer playlist to serve as a backdrop for your dog’s special day. Spotify has a cool feature that allows you to make a playlist for your pet based on personality and your music taste. There are also tons of other playlists on YouTube and Spotify that are specifically designed for pets.
Of course, curating your own playlist for the doggy bash is always an option, too.
5. Festive Favors: Once the party is over, make sure you don’t let your guests leave emptyhanded. We suggest whipping up an extra batch of Whisk & Wag treats and bagging them up to send home with your pet’s friends. You could even send them off with their very own containers of treat mix depending on your budget and the size of your guest list.
In addition to treats, tennis balls and plush toys are great items to include in your party favor bags.



Have you ever hosted a party for your pup? Got any tips and tricks to share? We’d love to hear from you!




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